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Google Drive Troubleshooting
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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms:


  • Google Drive in file explorer is in a disconnected state
  • Google Apps (Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Slide) icons on the desktop are white and missing their icons


Try the following:


  1. Check in the system tray to see if Google Drive is running
    • Near the clock, click on the arrow
    • Look for the Google Drive icon to see if it is running
      • App displayed, service is running
      • App not displayed, service is not running
  2. If the app is not running, start the application
    • Hit the Windows key
    • Search for "drive" or "Google Drive"
    • See if "Google Drive (App)" is listed and is displaying it's icon
      • If the icon looks like this, click on the application to launch
      • If the icon is not displaying correctly and shows a white icon, restart your computer as the application might have updated and it has to clean up before starting
  3. If you tried the above steps and Google Drive is not working, submit a ticket and we will re-install Google Drive


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